Data from advertising cabinets stopped being transmitted to big query

I am trying to upload the data into Google Big Query using Bigrquery package in R.

My script has been around for several months and has been working perfectly all this time. However, since April 29, 2022, the data has stopped loading. There are 5000+ lines in the part of the script that takes data from the advertising cabinet, but nothing gets into bigquery.

I replaced some real data with ### to post the question here. In fact, there is real data there in R script.

We collect data from different advertising cabinets, including facebook, google ads, etc. And for all scripts, since April 29, data has stopped being transmitted to bigquery. So the problem is on the side of the part of the bigquery upload script


Login <- "###" 
TokenPath <- "tokens/yandex"
#yadirAuth(Login = Login,  TokenPath = TokenPath)

date.from = "2022-05-01" = "2022-05-01"

a7_yd_report_country_age_vat_v2 <- yadirGetReport(ReportType = "AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT", 
                                                  DateRangeType = "CUSTOM_DATE", 
                                                  DateFrom = date.from, 
                                                  DateTo =,
                                                  FieldNames = c("Date",
                                                  FilterList = NULL, 
                                                  IncludeVAT = "YES", 
                                                  IncludeDiscount = "NO", 
                                                  Login = Login, 
                                                  TokenPath = TokenPath)

#BQ --------
bigrquery::bq_auth(path = "~/###.json")
  create_disposition = "CREATE_IF_NEEDED",
  write_disposition = "WRITE_APPEND" # "WRITE_TRUNCATE") #

# clear ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# rm(list = ls())
rm(Login, TokenPath, date.from,, a7_yd_report_country_age_vat_v2)

I checked the expiration date of the tokens, and also updated all the libraries (there have been no updates since April 29) - that's not the reason. Thank you for any tips

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