How can I cycle through Editor: Word Wrap settings in VS Code with a shortcut?

Is there a way to cycle through VS Code's four word-wrap (editor.wordWrap) settings?

The four settings are:

  • off
  • on (lines will wrap at viewport width)
  • wordWrapColumn (lines will wrap at editor.wordWrapColumn)
  • bounded (lines will wrap at minimum of viewport width and editor.wordWrapColumn)

All I can do right now is toggle wrapping on and off (I've bound this to a shortcut). Note, by 'on' I mean it toggles between off and whichever of the three 'on' states is set.

Depending on what I am doing, I'd like to cycle through the settings instead of toggle on and off.

I've not been able to find a plugin that does this specifically. Is there perhaps a generic way to cycle or select specific settings?

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