Reference generator: can I build one in MS Office?

I'm trying to build a 'reference generator' which takes users' inputs (author, title, year etc.) and spits out a full reference/citation in a specific format.

The references must be in a bespoke format, which is why I can't use existing online tools. It has to include unique fonts for different fields (i.e. book title must be italicised), and it also must permit users to add a hyperlink to specific fields (e.g. for a web article, I want the title to be a clickable hyperlink). Finally, it must be in a user-friendly format. All users have access to MS Office so an Excel or Access template might be perfect, but an online version which sits on our work intranet may also work.

Has anyone done something like this before? Any recommendations or templates? My IT skills are next to zero - I tried an Excel concatenate table which got me some of the way, but can't accommodate font changes or hyperlinking text. All help greatly appreciated - thanks.

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