How to copy and paste a folder and its contents on a vps using ftp php

I want to copy & paste a folder and its contents in my vps. my code is below :

$conn = ftp_connect("my_ip_address");
ftp_login($conn, "username", "password"); 
$src = "/var/www/src_folder"; 
$dst = "/var/www/dst_folder"; 
ftp_exec($conn, "cp -r $src $dst"); 
if(ftp_exec($conn, "cp -r $src $dst")) echo "success copy"; 

but my results is ftp_exec(): Unknown SITE command.

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  • answered 2022-05-04 11:23 Chris

    You cannot copy directly via FTP - there's no valid command for it. These are the available commands.

    If you must use FTP (vs. SSH for example), then I believe your best option is to download the file and then upload it to the copy destination.

    For example, if you were just dealing with a single file or empty directory, you could do something like this:

    $local_temp_file = sys_get_temp_dir() . '/tmpfile';
    ftp_get($conn, $local_temp_file, $src_file);
    ftp_put($conn, $dst_file, $local_temp_file);

    However, since you are dealing with a folder with all its contents, that adds additional complexity - you will need to recursively transfer all folder contents in the same manner - both when downloading and when uploading.

    You can put together a solution by referencing answers on these other posts:

    Or, you can use a library to simplify the problem a bit - for example,, which has "putAll" and "getAll" methods that will help you with directories.

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