How to test a real ECU via CANoe

I am new with CANoe, and now I am trying to test a real ECU by sending diagnostic requests to it and get response from the ECU via CANoe. I use VN5610A and CANoe software is CANoe.Ethernet. I connected the VN5610A to PC and the ECU. I configured the Diagnostics/ISO TP configuration by uploading a ODX file as database. Then when i start logging, I can see the ethernet package infomation in the trace window. And if i send request via other external tools, i can also see the communication in the trace window. But how can i send request via Caone?

I now have some questions firstly:

  1. I want to test a real ECU, should I use the simulation setup? I mean should i need to simulate the real ECU as a simuLated ECU? If not, I would not use Diagnostics Console to send request. Actually I tried to setup the simulated ECU and send request via Diagnostics Console. But the real ECU did not really received the request, just the simuated ECU received.

  2. in the Vector Hardware Config, we can define VN5610A's IP address, should this IP address the same as my PC IP address? If not the same? which IP address should be assigned to "Tester Present"?

  3. If config below in the Vector Hardware Config correct? Should PC and CANoe be the same virtual Port?

enter image description here

Thanks a lot in advance.

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