Can you construct pyspark.pandas.DataFrame from pyspark.sql.dataframe.DataFrame?

I am new to Spark / Databricks. My question is whether is it recommended / possible to mix sql and Pandas API dataframes? Is it possible to create a pyspark.pandas.DataFrame directly from a pyspark.sql.dataframe.DataFrame, or I need to re-read the parquet file?

# Suppose you have an SQL dataframe (now I read Boston Safety Data from Microsoft Open Dataset)
blob_account_name = "azureopendatastorage"
blob_container_name = "citydatacontainer"
blob_relative_path = "Safety/Release/city=Boston"
blob_sas_token = r""

wasbs_path = 'wasbs://' % (blob_container_name, blob_account_name, blob_relative_path)
spark.conf.set('' % (blob_container_name, blob_account_name), blob_sas_token)
print('Remote blob path: ' + wasbs_path)

df =

# Convert df to pyspark.pandas.Dataframe
df2 =   # ...?

Tried df.toPandas(), that is not good, because it converts to plain, undistributed pandas.core.frame.DataFrame.

A workaround is to read the parquet again into a pyspark.pandas.Dataframe which I try to avoid.


1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 11:23 ScootCork

    IIUC you are looking to convert a spark dataframe to a pandas on spark dataframe.

    You can do so with to_pandas_on_spark method.

    df2 = df.to_pandas_on_spark()
    <class 'pyspark.pandas.frame.DataFrame'>

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