Integers being added to Dictionary with single quotes and as as float

Hi I'm getting some very strange behaviour which i can't really understand when adding a value to a dictionary

this is the code i'm using (it's part of a larger piece of code of-course but i think this is enough to isolate the issue

player = {
            'first_name': str(row['first_name']),
            'last_name': str(row['last_name']),
            "email": email,
            "phone_number": str(row["contacts_phone"]),
            "country": str(row['country']),
            "custom_fields": {}
for obj in sg_custom_fields:
        if obj['name'] == 'deposit_count':
            player['custom_fields'][obj['id']] = int(row['deposit_count'])

and this is the output theres more inbetween the printing of the player obviously but nothing that would effect this.

<class 'int'>
{'first_name': '', 'last_name': '', 'email': '', 'phone_number': '', 'country': '', 'custom_fields': {'e45_N': '0.0', }}

Really can't figure out why it is in quotations or has a decimal place.

As an extra bit of confusion the same things is not true if i just run it in the interpreter

Python 3.9.11 (main, Mar 29 2022, 19:08:29) 
[GCC 7.5.0] :: Anaconda, Inc. on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> data = {'something':0}
>>> data['new_data'] = 0
>>> print(data)
{'something': 0, 'new_data': 0}

If anyone can help make sense of this i would be grateful


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