Connecting to a particular mongo collection of a mongo atlas clustor

I had successfully imported the data from my local system to mongo atlas. On connecting with the cluster0 using Mongo Compass, I got this connection string.



When I copied the string and connected using MongoShell, it directed me to this page where it shows 3 DBs. (admin, chesswear, local)


I want to connect this chesswear database to my nextjs app. So the connection URI in my env.local file should be changed from

MONGO_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017/chesswear TO MONGO_URI=mongodb+srv://mohit_maroliya:<password>

What is my doubt?

I wonder if I put the mongodb+srv://mohit_maroliya:<password> MONGO URI, will it work because it is not selecting any database from the 3 it will encounter.

I just wanted to know what path I had to put in the MONGO_URI to be able to connect to the remote database.

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