Informatica HTTP transformation, End point URL does not give response for GET method

I am trying to use HTTP transformation for getting response from an api. Here I am not sending any token or credentials for authorization. I am just using blanK text file as source and in HTTP transformation mentioned the URL. Below is mapping

SQ(Blank text file)-->HTTP(GET method and URL)-->http response(FlatFile)

Kindly correct if I can use blank text file as source since I am not sending any data for GET request. I am getting error as follows in the imagesession log image

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 18:56 Maciejg

    This error is not about data being sent. The error mentions a problem with the certificate. One of certificates in the chain is self-signed - this means (briefly) it cannot be trusted. Try reading this thread for more info.

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