Grafana & Prometheus: get target from a job_name

I need in grafana's dashboard to get a list of the targets (activemq01, activemq02, activemq03) from a specfic job_name (activemq-job).

Actually I can get on my dashboard only the job_name but I can't filter by target.


  - job_name: activemq-job
    - targets: ['activemq01:8060', 'activemq02:8060', 'activemq03:8060']


        "allValue": null,
        "current": {},
        "datasource": "${DS_PROMETHEUS}",
        "definition": "label_values(job)",
        "hide": 0,
        "includeAll": true,
        "index": -1,
        "label": null,
        "multi": true,
        "name": "Component",
        "options": [],
        "query": "label_values(job)",
        "refresh": 2,
        "regex": "(activemq-job)",
        "skipUrlSync": false,
        "sort": 0,
        "tagValuesQuery": "",
        "tags": [],
        "tagsQuery": "",
        "type": "query",
        "useTags": false

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