How can i remotely debug an core web app deployed on an azure app service

I am working on an core web application.

I need to debug this application (put a breakpoint and inspect variables when this breakpoint is hit).

I can do this on my local computer, with visual studio.

I can do it too if i deploy my web application on a remote IIS Server.

But i want to do this when my application is deployed on an azure app service.

This container does not work with IIS. It seems an azure app service works with Kestrel (dotnet run command). And i don't know how i can remotely debug this application.


Additionnal informations:

  • I am working with .Net6
  • What i mean by "container" is "Azure app service instance"
  • I am working with Visual Studio 2022 community edition
  • I am deploying with azure devops and azure pipelines
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