Issue with KQL / Kusto distinct, extend and project

I don't really understand what's the issue if you want to use the command distinct and distinct count AFTER a project or extend operators.

let planting_table = ['events.all'] 
    | where FullName_Name == "plant_seed" 
    | extend SeedName = EventData.Payload.SeedName,
        OasisName = EventData.Payload.OasisName,
        TileName = EventData.Payload.TileName
    | project-away SchemaVersion, FullName_Namespace, Entity_Id, Entity_Type,
        EntityLineage_title, EventData, EntityLineage_title_player_account,
        EntityLineage_namespace, ExperimentVariants, FullName_Name
    | project-rename id = EntityLineage_master_player_account
| summarize dcount(SeedName) by id

My goal is to make a distinct count of the seedname by ID in Kusto / KQL. How can I do that? Why I cannot use distinct after a extend or a project operator?

Thanks for the help!

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-05 16:49 Yoni L.

    try casting the dynamic property named SeedName to string, using the tostring() function, so that you can aggregate over it using the distinct operator.


    | extend SeedName = tostring(EventData.Payload.SeedName),
    | summarize dcount(SeedName) by id

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