Bypass proc_dointvec_minmax in kernel to allow other values

I am looking for a way to bypass a limit that is implemented the same way as the following

                .procname       = "kexec_load_disabled",
                .data           = &kexec_load_disabled,
                .maxlen         = sizeof(int),
                .mode           = 0644,
                /* only handle a transition from default "0" to "1" */
                .proc_handler   = proc_dointvec_minmax,
                .extra1         = &one,
                .extra2         = &one,

I have root access and I can load kernel modules aswell. I can use /proc/kallsymsto find the address of proc_dointvec_minmax, so I suppose I can somehow manage to write a kernel module that when loaded is able to overwrite the function so it allows going back to 0 again, then set the value to 0 and restore the original instructions? I assume I need to reconfigure the MMU first to allow writes to the kernel instructions? Or can I somehow add a breakpoint in proc_dointvec_minmax so that when it's hit I grab the arguments and modify those? Once I have a starting point I should be able to continue on my own, but right now I am not sure about what approach to choose/what the easiest way to solve it would be.

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