Best practice for similar repeated queries using ActiveRecord

I have a couple simple queries and I'm not sure what the best practice is.

I've written them in 2 ways which produce the same result. Which is preferred? Or is there a third, better way?

More concise:

Fruit.where(id: NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS).update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: false)
Fruit.where.not(id: NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS).update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: true)

More verbose:

fruits = Fruit.all
not_prepackaged = fruits.where(id: NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS)
prepackaged = fruits - not_prepackaged
not_prepackaged.update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: false)
prepackaged.update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: true)

The purpose of the snippet is to do a onetime backfill.

2 answers

  • answered 2022-05-05 20:43 BenFenner

    Without any more context, your first example is easier to follow. Assuming you want to touch every single record, it might improve clarity (although would be a little slower) if you backfill all records, then just the subset:

    Fruit.update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: true)
    Fruit.where(id: NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS).update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: false)

    Or maybe it's safer for your setup to do it the other way around (although the double negative is not ideal):

    Fruit.update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: false)
    Fruit.where.not(id: NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS).update_all(prepackaged_raw_enabled: true)

  • answered 2022-05-06 00:04 TonyArra

    The "best" way is subjective. But if you want to do it in a single statement/query, you can write it like this:


    If NOT_PREPACKAGED_RAW_FRUIT_IDS = [571, 572], that would translate to the following SQL, which will update all of the records at once:

    UPDATE "fruits" 
    SET "prepackaged_raw_enabled" = "fruits"."id" NOT IN (571, 572)

    It's not necessarily the most readable solution, but it is the most efficient.

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