How to delete rows from DataGrid when SelectionUnit="Cell" in the GUI

I have a DataGrid that has SelecitonUnit set to "Cell" and I really cannot figure out how to delete a whole row. Normally I would just select row and press delete button(like I do in my other datagrid with default SelectionUnit) but it doesn't work like that. I tried implementing my own delete functionality but there has to be a better solution.

The DataGrid

<DataGrid Name="XdataBom" IsReadOnly="False" CanUserAddRows="True" CanUserDeleteRows="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" SelectionUnit="Cell" Height="1080" Width="1920" VerticalAlignment="Top" KeyDown="XdataBom_OnKeyDown">
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Montować" Binding="{Binding Montowac, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Ilość" Binding="{Binding Ilosc, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Desygnator" Binding="{Binding Desygnator, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Typ montażu" Binding="{Binding Typ, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Obudowa" Binding="{Binding Obudowa, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="Wartość" Binding="{Binding Wartosc, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"/>

There's a KeyDown event that handles pasting into the grid but I didn't override the delete key in any way.

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