Jetpack compose IntrinsicSize.Min cuts off Text - want to force Text to take up exact height and minimum width required for that height

I have a Text component that I want the width to expand as big as it wants to accommodate the supplied text and to be exactly 2 lines tall.

I have attempted to implement this by calculating the height using my font size and the number of lines that I want:

val textHeight = textStyle.lineHeight.value * 2

Then, based on various articles (such as this one and what I understand of IntrinsicSize, shouldn't I be able to constrain the height and use IntrinsicSize.Min to set the text's width to fit everything at the minimum width required? This actually just cuts off the text.

    modifier = Modifier.height(textHeight).width(IntrinsicSize.Min),
    text = "Fabrication et assemblage soignes",
    style = textStyle,

For some reason ends up rendering as

enter image description here

I want it to look like

Fabrication et 
assemblage soigne

On two lines, wrapped to the minimum width.

How can I achieve the result I want?

Also note using .wrapContentWidth() doesn't work because then the text just takes up 1 line and leaves the extra height space empty.

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