Amazon S3 sink in serilog is not working. How to use s3 Sink with serilog?

    public class program
    public static void Main(String args[])
        var levelSwitch = new LoggingLevelSwitch();
        levelSwitch.MinimumLevel = LogEventLevel.Information;
            var logger = new LoggerConfiguration().WriteTo
              "xxxxxxx",  //bucketName
              "xxxx",  //accessKey
              "xxxx",  //secretKey
              restrictedToMinimumLevel: LogEventLevel.Information,
              outputTemplate: "{Timestamp:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff zzz} [{Level:u3}] {Message:lj}{NewLine}{Exception}",
              new CultureInfo("de-DE"),
              levelSwitch: levelSwitch,
              rollingInterval: RollingInterval.Minute,
              encoding: Encoding.Unicode
            logger.Debug("Hello world Debug mode on");
            logger.Information("Hello world Debug mode on");
            logger.Error("Hello world Debug mode on");

        catch (Exception ex)

and if I remove output template and culture then I face the ambiguity error. How can I use this amazon s3 sink correctly ?. and I am not getting any error in the catch block and nothing happen in the s3 bucket there was no file is making

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