How to run CLI migrations in a Continous Integration pipeline on a private database on AWS RDS

I am currently using a tool that allows you to apply database migrations only using a CLI (Prisma). My database is in a private network in AWS.

To do it manually, I currently do this:

    -N -f -L $DB_PORT:${DB_HOSTNAME}:5432 &

A bastion, in AWS parlance, is just a VM that has public access but also can reach private networks. This ssh command creates a tunnel through the bastion so that I can reach the private machine in my local $DB_PORT. Then, I apply the migrations locally but, since the database is listening on a local port, I can reach my production database.

Here is the question: how do I move this to a CI/CD pipeline?

I was thinking about doing this

  1. Use a docker image that has ssh and nodejs installed,

  2. Move the identity file to a env variable in the CI/CD.

  3. Install the migrations tool there.

  4. Create a tunnel as I did above.

  5. Modify the configuration file to point to the production database.

And then, finally, apply the migrations.

I think this could work, but it seems a lot of trouble and I was wondering that maybe there was a better, standard way to approach this. Maybe triggering a Lambda function that runs inside the private network?

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