DAX error when creating calculated column using Lookupvalue function

I am creating a calculated column in Power BI using multiple if and Lookupvalue functions,

using Lookupvalue function to return "Yes" if SKU exits in Spare SKU table

I am getting an error on the 3rd line: Function 'LOOKUPVALUE' does not support comparing values of type Text with values of type True/False. Consider using the VALUE or FORMAT function to convert one of the values.

below is the code, please advise.

Spare SKU =
IF('Inventory Raw Data'[site_id]="1111" || 'Inventory Raw Data'[site_id]="2222",
IF('Inventory Raw Data'[Material Type] = "ZZZZ","Yes",
IF(LOOKUPVALUE('Spare SKU '[ERP_SKU],'Spare SKU '[ERP_SKU],'Inventory Raw Data'[ERP_SKU]=BLANK()),"No","Yes")),"No")
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