2D Ball Stabilization Platform

I am trying to do 2D ball stabilization platform which always keeps the ball which is put on the platform, center of the platform (x= 0, y=0).

Here is my restriction and requiements:

  1. Resistive panel is not allowed
  2. Platform at least 50cm x 50 cm
  3. When applied any disturbance to ball, platform must stabilize it on the center within 10 seconds
  4. Using COMPUTER is not allowed, a controller must be used
  5. If image processing is used, using LIBRARY is not allowed

I think that image processing is the best way for this project because when detect the ball I can easily apply PID control algorithm to platform. However, I have no idea about image processing and how to do it with controller. I heard about openCV, keras, YOLO and other python, C, C++ based libraries but to use them I must use computer which is not allowed at project.

I thought using laser distance meter but to precise measuring I have to use a lot of sensor which is expensive.

What can I do about this situation. Any link, help, datasheet, essay about this topic would be appreciated. If someone light my way I can make a progress easiliy.

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