Selenium C# - Recording how chrome driver do a test case

At this moment, in my tests I use Screenshots to locate where my test failed.. Screenshot is only taken while, test fails. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place where the test failed exactly. That's why I am thinking about start recording chrome driver's work. I could take failed tests, take their records/videos and check on the screen through video what was wrong in each failed case.

I found some solutions that won't work today, for example:

  • Screen Recorder - there is no available Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 today.
  • Some solutions have problems with Headless mode.

I want to start recording after create chrome driver (in each test case), than through test's steps and stop recording on the end of each test case. I am going to check result of test case (Failed, Blocked, PASS). Than I am going to save video (in any location) if test failed/blocked and delete the video if test case PASSED.

Do you have any ideas to record driver's work ?

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