Conditional formatting stops macro from running all the way

I have some conditional formatting together with a module, that for some reason prevents my macros from running all the way through.

=NOT(TestColor(E8)) is my conditional format, checked off with 'Stop if true' and works together with this module;

Function TestColor (MyRange As Range) As Boolean
If Range (MyRange.Address).Interior.Pattern = x1None Then TestColor = True
End function

This gives me the ability to manually color cells that is otherwise colored by conditional formatting. (I didn't write this specific code, it was something i found).

However, i've found out that this also prevents any macros i make (relative or not) from running all the way through, meaning if i make a macro that creates a new row and then copies the row above, it will simply just create a new row and stop there as if it's finished, with no error messages popping up either. I know that this specific conditional format is what causes my macros to not work, as they work as intended if i delete it.

Is there a way i can get macros to work without having to delete the formatting? Or is there another way to be able to manually color cells that is being colored by conditional formatting?

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