how to ensure atomicity in neo4j cypher writes:

I have never used the transaction lock features in neo4j cypher before so I not sure how to do this. I have a series of writes that I need all to complete or none complete:

CREATE (e:Elections) SET e +=$electionObj,

                            WITH e, $nominate_authorizers AS na
                            UNWIND na AS n_auth 
                            MATCH (nm:Member {member_id: n_auth.member_id})
                            CREATE (nm)-[nr:NOMINATE_AUTHORIZER]->(e)

                            WITH e, nm, $certify_authorizers AS ca
                            UNWIND ca AS c_auth 
                            MATCH (cm:Member {member_id: c_auth.member_id})
                            CREATE (cm)-[cr:CERTIFY_AUTHORIZER]->(e)

                            WITH e, nm,cm, $tally_authorizers AS ta
                            UNWIND ta AS t_auth 
                            MATCH (tm:Member {member_id: t_auth.member_id})
                            CREATE (tm)-[tr:TALLY_AUTHORIZER]->(e)

                            WITH e, nm,cm, tm, $audit_authorizers AS aa
                            UNWIND aa AS a_auth 
                            MATCH (am:Member {member_id: a_auth.member_id})
                            CREATE (am)-[ar:AUDIT_AUTHORIZER]->(e)

                            WITH e, nm,cm, tm, am, $races AS races
                            UNWIND races AS race 
                            CREATE (r:Race) 
                            SET race, 
                            CREATE (r)-[rr:OF_ELECTION]->(e) 
                            RETURN {election: e}

The problem is ...if there's an error that causes one of these MATCH's to return 0 row the query moves right along and creates the nodes it found. What is the most efficient of achieving atomicity here. I have looked at the apoc library but not sure about it....any suggestion would be appreciated.

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