ANTLR function to retrieve text from a single node in a parse tree

I want to retrieve text from a parse tree's node but when i use getText(), it retrieves all the text from that node's children. I have searched but i don't find any ANTLR function that can retrieve only the node's text or a function to delete a node's children (so that i can use getText() on that node once i have deleted his children). Any help is welcomed.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-06 14:51 Mike Cargal

    That would be because a “node” (and particularly, it’s text) includes it’s children. If you define it as the text that’s not part of a child, you’re left with just to tokens (leaf nodes) in that parser rule, and that’s probably a bit less than useful (some text with holes where other rules kick in).

    Maybe you have a situation where something like this would be useful. If so, you might want to elaborate. We might, then propose something more specific.

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