Can we perform outer join on a table from MySQL with data from ElasticSearch based on a field name in the same panel of grafana dashboard

Suppose we have a MySQL table 'student' with column names: 'class_id', 'roll_no', 'student_name'.

And we have ElasticSearch data for 'class' with field names: 'class_id', 'class_name', 'school_name'.

If I want to perform outer join on these two data based on 'class_id', so that 'class_id', 'roll_no', 'student_name', 'class_name', 'school_name' should be displayed in tabular format in same panel of grafana dashboard.

How this can achieved, known that there are two datasources configured in the grafana dashboard: 1) for MySQL 2) ElasticSearch?

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