Azure B2C broken when explicitly-declared value for android:exported is used

My Xamarin.Forms application uses Azure AD B2C for authentication. Currently, I have to use Android 12 instead of Android 10. According to the documentation, it required a certain change:

Warning: If an activity, service, or broadcast receiver uses intent filters and doesn't have an explicitly-declared value for android:exported, your app can't be installed on a device that runs Android 12 or higher.


This is my code from MsalActivity.cs:

namespace UserDetailsClient.Droid
  [Activity(Exported = false)]
  [IntentFilter(new[] { Intent.ActionView },
    Categories = new[] { Intent.CategoryBrowsable, Intent.CategoryDefault },
    DataHost = "auth",
    DataScheme = "msal5c32fe58-4a77-49ea-8b5d-010c4a684e4f")]
  public class MsalActivity : BrowserTabActivity

After I added (Exported = false), I was able to deploy and run the app. But now I am not able to log in. The login screen does show up. And the user can enter the credentials, but after submitting, we get stuck on this screen:

enter image description here

Nothing new appears in the output window. How can this be diagnosed and fixed?

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