insert bulk documents into mongo db

I need to insert multiple docs into mongo db at once. cannot directly import a csv file or use insertMany since there are nested objects inside each document. for outer object, one key's value will change every time while the rest of the key's value remain the same and need to generate random values for two of the other keys. for inner object, values change every time. this seems complicated to me and if anyone could help me breakdown the problem statement and help me automate it to avoid the tedious manual work, it'd be very helpful. I'm using Studio 3T and node.js to code.

    "_id" : ObjectId("626f6f7b4199350845746a54"), 
    "isApproved" : false, 
    "msgStatus" : false,  
    "name" : "IN", 
    "createdBy" : "BAA0704", 
    "customerId" : "HH00012", 
    "villageId" : "1848",  
    "ans" : {
        "responseID" : "5f440bc3-c76c-411a-b1e4-6a25a5f2aba3", 
        "submittedTime" : "31-03-2022 16:45", 
        "syncedTime" : "31-03-2022 16:45",  
        "formRevisionSubmittedIn" : "2", 
        "tags" : "NA", 
        "timeSpent" : "0:16:12", 
        "name" : "shruthi",  
        "villagePopulation" : "10000", 
        "age" : "28", 
        "bankAccount" : "yes", 
        "familyMembers" : "7", 
        "maritalStatusYes" : "Yes", 
        "maritalStatusNo" : "No", 
        "kids" : "3",  
        "socialMediaHandles" : "facebook"
    "createdAt" : ISODate("2022-05-02T13:22:19.630+0000"), 
    "updatedAt" : ISODate("2022-05-02T13:22:19.630+0000"), 
    "__v" : NumberInt(4325), 
    "nId" : NumberInt(11)
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