Porting Xamarin tutorial over to .NET MAUI

For my first ever mobile app project (which will eventually become an actual commercial project), I would like to try out .NET MAUI. Unfortunately since it's still in pre-release, there is scarce documentation and no tutorial projects for it. I did find the Xamarin tutorial here:


... but I don't think it's compatible with .NET MAUI.

Are there any other places where a newbie mobile developer who knows Visual Studio and C# can see an example app and be able to learn through creating an app on the level of, say, the Contoso University web app I went through to learn ASP.NET Core with data model? Can a Xamarin tutorial be tweaked to work with .NET MAUI? If so, I would be happy to help with that process. Now that I think about it, since I developed my web site based on the Contoso model, maybe I could help create a mobile app in .NET MAUI for that Contoso project? Anyone at Microsoft interested?

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