ElectronJS: Window always-on-bottom (inverse of top-most / widget)

I am currently creating a system monitor application for which I would like it to work as a widget. Please see example of my application below:

ElectronJS system monitor Widget

For this application I use ElectronJS on Linux - Pop!_Os. However, ElectronJS natively supports only "always-on-top" window settings.

Is there any way to set the window to be "always-on-bottom" (inverse of top-most)?

I'm thinking about these options:

  1. Create a C# program where I would change the Z-order of the windows. However, so far I could only find examples for Windows OS.
  2. Create a Javascript call to the terminal to change the Z-order. I haven't found out if this is possible yet.

What do you suggest? What do you think is the best solution?

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