compare two separate data sets

is it possible to compare particular values from a table/report from power bi data set with another table from excel sheet?

In the power bi data set i have the organization data about all employees, and in my excel i have the data for 10 particular individuals. (something like: Name, Grade, Role, Team, Joining Date, Departure Date)

What i now do is to create in power bi the report with just the 10 people, export the data and then i compare that table with my local one, if there are any mismatches, like if the grades changed or they move to another team/department or some thing, in my local file i have some custom/aditional columns that arent in the powerbi dataset (Name, Grade, Role, Team, Joining Date, Departure Date, Comment, Skills, Future team)

i could not load a data set from the excel file, and also from the company powerbi dataset, in the same report/page

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