ERROR: Playwright does not support webkit on mac10.13

Here is my code debug log6474

Darwin 16.7.0
6475 verbose node v16.15.0
6476 verbose npm  v8.9.0
6477 error code 1
6478 error path /Users/------/onet/node_modules/playwright
6479 error command failed
6480 error command sh -c node install.js
6481 error /Users/-----/onet/node_modules/playwright-core/lib/server/registry/index.js:605
6481 error     if (!downloadPathTemplate || !executablePath) throw new Error(`ERROR: Playwright does not support ${} on ${_hostPlatform.hostPlatform}`);
6481 error                                                         ^
6481 error
6481 error Error: ERROR: Playwright does not support webkit on mac10.13
6481 error     at Registry._downloadExecutable (/Users/-----/onet/node_modules/playwright-core/lib/server/registry/index.js:605:57)
6481 error     at Object._install (/Users/----/onet/node_modules/playwright-core/lib/server/registry/index.js:434:28)
6481 error     at Registry.install (/Users/-----/onet/node_modules/playwright-core/lib/server/registry/index.js:590:26)
6481 error     at async installBrowsersForNpmInstall (/Users/----/onet/node_modules/playwright-core/lib/server/registry/index.js:780:3)
6482 verbose exit 1
6483 timing npm Completed in 47084ms
6484 verbose unfinished npm timer reify 1651869366404
6485 verbose unfinished npm timer reify:build 1651869403151
6486 verbose unfinished npm timer build 1651869403160
6487 verbose unfinished npm timer build:deps 1651869403161
6488 verbose unfinished npm timer build:run:install 1651869403338
6489 verbose unfinished npm timer build:run:install:node_modules/playwright 1651869403400
6490 verbose code 1

I am so frustrated can any one help I did following I ionic to do nvm I have OD Sierra should I upgrade.

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