Pinning a particular element using a drag and drop library in React

I am migrating from react-beautiful-dnd to dnd-kit which does not have customization to pin a particular HTML element and the others we can drag and drop.

Like in this image I can drag the Drag Me Item 2 but it can't go above Pinned Item 1.I want the Pinned Item 1 to remain fixed and it should not rearrange itself according to the other items if I drag them above it. It should always be at the 1st position.

With dnd-kit we have a disabled example like above but we still can drag 2 above 1 despite 1 being disabled.

enter image description here

My codesandbox. I was trying to keep the first card with Clauderic always pinned to the 1st position.

How can I solve this using dnd-kit or any other drag and drop library in React?

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