Excel Counting Repeating Continuous Cells

This is my first time asking for help in a forum of any kind. hopefully this will be a great experience.

Problem: Let's say I've got a huge list of people that work for me(200+), and i want to manage fatigue if they have been working everyday, so i can avoid for example 12 shifts in a row.

This is a hypothetical problem i don't have people working for me lol.

Anyway, i was wondering if there was a way for me to input the names of people working on different dates (Example every column will be a different date) and insert the names of people working on those specific dates. is there a way for me to count how many times the same person worked consecutive shifts. and for it to reset back if he didn't work 1 day.

I hope i was clear and on the problem as English isn't my main language.

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