How would I put my own dataset into this code?

I have been looking at a Tensorflow tutorial for unsupervised learning, and I'd like to put in my own dataset; the code currently uses the MNIST dataset. I know how to create my own datasets in Tensorflow, but I have trouble setting the code used here to my own. I am pretty new to Tensorflow, and the filepath to my dataset in my project is \data\training and \data\test-val\

# Python ≥3.5 is required
import sys
assert sys.version_info >= (3, 5)

# Scikit-Learn ≥0.20 is required
import sklearn
assert sklearn.__version__ >= "0.20"

# TensorFlow ≥2.0-preview is required
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow import keras
assert tf.__version__ >= "2.0"

# Common imports
import numpy as np
import os

(X_train_full, y_train_full), (X_test, y_test) = keras.datasets.fashion_mnist.load_data()
X_train_full = X_train_full.astype(np.float32) / 255
X_test = X_test.astype(np.float32) / 255
X_train, X_valid = X_train_full[:-5000], X_train_full[-5000:]
y_train, y_valid = y_train_full[:-5000], y_train_full[-5000:]

def rounded_accuracy(y_true, y_pred):
    return keras.metrics.binary_accuracy(tf.round(y_true), tf.round(y_pred))


conv_encoder = keras.models.Sequential([
    keras.layers.Reshape([28, 28, 1], input_shape=[28, 28]),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(16, kernel_size=3, padding="SAME", activation="selu"),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(32, kernel_size=3, padding="SAME", activation="selu"),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(64, kernel_size=3, padding="SAME", activation="selu"),
conv_decoder = keras.models.Sequential([
    keras.layers.Conv2DTranspose(32, kernel_size=3, strides=2, padding="VALID", activation="selu",
                                 input_shape=[3, 3, 64]),
    keras.layers.Conv2DTranspose(16, kernel_size=3, strides=2, padding="SAME", activation="selu"),
    keras.layers.Conv2DTranspose(1, kernel_size=3, strides=2, padding="SAME", activation="sigmoid"),
    keras.layers.Reshape([28, 28])
conv_ae = keras.models.Sequential([conv_encoder, conv_decoder])

conv_ae.compile(loss="binary_crossentropy", optimizer=keras.optimizers.SGD(lr=1.0),
history =, X_train, epochs=5,
                      validation_data=[X_valid, X_valid])


Do note that I got this code from another StackOverflow answer.

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