I need to create a simple pie chart in SAS from a Proc SQL Table

I need to create a pie chart showing gender distribution for a state pulled through a macro variable. The code for the sql table looks like this:

proc sql;
create table pie_data as
select distinct mean(Men2017/(Men2017 + Women2017)) format=comma10.2 as Men2017, mean(Women2017/(Men2017 + Women2017)) format=comma10.2 as Women2017
from project.county_data
where State= &StateValue;

The output of the table looks like this:

Men2017 Women2017

0.49 0.51

I don't know how to do it through proc gchart since Men2017 and Women2017 are technically separate variables, and I can't manually input the data since it needs to be dynamic. Any suggestions to how I should approach this? I'm new to SAS.

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