Query to get Woo products in a parent-children order

I want to build a MySQL query for a Woo database schema to get simple/variable products, but in a specific order: I want to get them in an ID ASCending order, but when a variable product is met, I want to get the variations exactly below their parent.

So for a simple product, or the parent of a variable product, the post_type field is set to 'product' and the post_parent field is set to 0. For the children of a variable product (a.k.a variations) the post_type field is set to 'variable_product' and the post_parent field is set to the ID of the parent product.

So, imagine this desired order:

ID post_title post_type post_parent
1100 title1 product 0
1104 title2 product 0
1130 title2 - variation1 variable_product 1104
1200 title2 - variation2 variable_product 1104
1208 title2 - variation3 variable_product 1104
1107 title3 product 0
1111 title4 product 0
1205 title4 - variation1 variable_product 1111
1210 title4 - variation4 variable_product 1111
1430 title4 - variation3 variable_product 1111
1432 title4 - variation2 variable_product 1111

So by the above table you see that I want products to be sorted by their ID, until the variation(s) of a product are met, which I want to be placed under their parent, and get sorted themselves by their ID also. So I don't care about titles not being sorted alphabetically (title4-variation4 is sorted above title4 - variation3 because the variations' IDs are sorted in an ascending order).

So I tried to play a little with ORDER BY ID ASC, post_parent ASC and also ORDER BY ID ASC, post_type ASC because product is sorted alphabetically above variation_product, but I couldn't get them sorted correctly. I always end up with parent products being sorted higher than variations, just because their IDs are smaller.

SELECT * FROM wp6c_posts WHERE post_type IN ('product', 'product_variation') ORDER BY ID ASC, post_parent ASC;

Obviously I have to query table wp6c_posts twice, once for the simple/parent products, and then for the variations of the variable products, but I can't think of the correct query.

Can someone help me with this?

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