How to authorize azure container registry requests from .NET CORE C#

I have a web application which creates ContainerInstances, I have specific container registry images I want to use. As a result, I use this code to get my azure container registry

IAzure azure = Azure.Authenticate($"{applicationDirectory}/Resources/my.azureauth").WithDefaultSubscription();
IRegistry azureRegistry = azure.ContainerRegistries.GetByResourceGroup("testResourceGroup", "testContainerRegistryName");

I get this error when the second line of code is hit

The client 'bc8fd78c-2b1b-4596-827e-6a3c918b7c17' with object id 'bc8fd78c-2b1b-4596-827e-6a3c918b7c17' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/read' over scope '/subscriptions/506b787d-83ef-426a-b7b8-7bfcdd475855/resourceGroups/testapp-live/providers/Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/testapp' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.

I literally have no idea what to do about this. I have seen so many articles talking about Azure AD and giving user roles and stuff. Can someone please walk me step by step how to fix this? I REALLY appreciate the help. Thanks.

I cannot find any client under that object ID so perfectly fine starting from scratch again with a better understanding of what I am doing.

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