Why X,Y-coordinates (returned by iText) differ for the same text sitting in the same spot on different pdf pages?

Good morning, everyone! I've encountered an issue with iText that might be a bug and am posting it here as suggested by the iText guidelines.

If we look at this file - South Africa Tariff - we'll see its pages have the landscape orientation (Rotation=90) and show the same text (Date: 2022-04-29) in the same spot (top-left corner of the page). For our test, p.1,2,3 would suffice.

Now, if we implement our own TextExtractionStrategy and inspect X,Y-coordinates of the character "D" (from the above-mentioned text), we'll see they differ from page to page:

  • p.1 (X=32.07, Y=36.0),
  • p.2 (X=559.0, Y=32.07),
  • p.3 (X=562.93,Y=559.0), where:

X is retrieved from getDescentLine().getStartPoint().get(0),
Y is retrieved from getDescentLine().getStartPoint().get(1).

All 3 pages have the same CropBox [0,0,595,842].

I would expect to see the same X,Y across all pages. Other products - xpdf, PdfBox and iTextSharp - do show consistent coordinates for "D" on all pages.

Does this look like a bug in iText to your eyes? If anyone from the iText Team picks it up & needs more info, I'd be happy to help.

Kind regards, Sit Anko.

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