VBA: Creating a class property that is an array of dictionaries

In Microsoft Excel VBA I need to create a class that has two properties, "Name" and "Holdings". "Name" is just a string so the code for that is easy. But I need "Holdings" to be a variable length array containing dictionary objects. So this is what I wrote:

Private mName As String
Private mHoldings() As Scripting.Dictionary

Public Property Let Name(vName As String)
      mName = vName
End Property
Public Property Get Name() As String
      Name = mName
End Property
Public Property Set Holdings(vHoldings() As Scripting.Dictionary)
      Set mHoldings = vHoldings
End Property
Public Property Get Holdings() As Scripting.Dictionary
      Set Holdings = mHoldings
End Property

When I try to compile it gives me this error: "Definitions of property procedures for the same property are inconsistent, or property procedure has an optional parameter, a ParamArray, or an invalide Set final parameter.

What I doing wrong?

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