.Body & .HTMLBody Indent and Default Signature Issue

I've set up a macro to send an e-mail through Outlook.

.Body is read from a cell inside the file with indents. Since the value will change depending on the usage, I need to reference that cell for the body.

However, there rises 2 issues using .HTMLbody I lose indents which are constructed with CHAR(10) but I keep the default HTML signature.

When using just .BODY indents are displayed are correctly however the default signature is not constructed as HTML and I lose the images.

How should I go about fixing this issue?

My code:

sig = .HTMLBody
body = xlSht.Range("B4").Value
    .To = xlSht.Range("B2").Value
    .CC = ""
    .Subject = xlSht.Range("B1").Value
    .body = body & sig

I'd really appreciate your assistance.


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