Context root redirect for AWS Application Load Balancer using terraform

I have an AWS ALB that I need to add a context-root redirect but I can not figure out the syntax in Terraform.

I want this url to automatically go to this url. I know it gets added to the https listener rule, but I just do not know how to syntactically write it -->

This current iteration of code complains with But I do not even know if this syntax is correct:

Error: Unsupported argument

  on line 133, in module "alb":
 133:   conditions = [{

An argument named "conditions" is not expected here.

terraform plan operation failed this is the code I have:

 https_listener_rules =  [
       action_type  = "redirect"
       redirect = {
       host         = ""
       path         = "/mycode"
       port         = 443
       protocol     = "HTTPS"
       status_code  = "HTTP_302"

  conditions = [{
           path_patterns = ["/"]
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