Whenever I try to add email on mysql server. My page is not responding. why?

I am a little bit confused. see the code below.

$('#submit').click(function() {
    $('#showdata').html($('#senddata').serialize()); /*Print all data that passed from form.*/
        url: "save.php",
        /* Here data store on mysql server without email and response to welcome.php. */
        type: "POST",
        /* if i want to add proper email format then data store in mysql but not response on welcome.php. */
        data: $('#senddata').serialize(),
        success: function(r) {
            window.location = 'welcome.php'; /*This is welcome page*/

I want to submit a form using the ajax post method. If I write any name instead of email then data is stored on the server and responding welcome.php. Whenever I write any name email then data is stored on the server but responding welcome.php. Here is 'save.php' code.

    $insertdata="INSERT INTO `persons`(`name`,`email`,`pwd`,`vill`)VALUE('$name','$email','$pwd','$vill')";
        echo "data added";
        echo "not added";


Note: if I put my button <button class="btn btn-primary" id="submit">sign up</button> outside form then everting is right.

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