Some iphone device not able play audio browser jquery

My jquery audio script perfecly play audio, but some iphone device has no audio playing, can anyone tell me the problem,

 <script src="" integrity="sha512-L6Z/YtIPQ7eU3BProP34WGU5yIRk7tNHk7vaC2dB1Vy1atz6wl9mCkTPPZ2Rn1qPr+vY2mZ9odZLdGYuaBk7dQ==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>   

let autoplay = true;
    let soundID;
    var sound = new Howl({
        src: ['<?php echo base_url(); ?>assets/mp3/<?php echo $nama_musik; ?>'],
        autoplay: autoplay,
        loop: true,

    soundID =;
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