Virt-manager filesystem passthrough not working

I'm new to the ubuntu/linux environment so I don't have a lot of knowledge before hand.

I'm currently trying to set up a filesystem passthrough between my host (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS) and my vm (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). I tried setting it up by following a youtube link but when i tried to add a file to it the other party can not open the file (i.e when i add a text document from my vm, the host cannot open the file). how the filesystem passthrough is currently showing

This is the filesystem code that I am running on my vm:

<filesystem type="mount" accessmode="mapped">
  <source dir="/home/kkuma30/VIRTUAL_BOX"/>
  <target dir="/hostshare"/>
  <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x00" slot="0x09" function="0x0"/>

One thing to note is in my virtual machine manager, there is no way to choose how to the type or mode in the filesystem passthrough. filesystem passthrough setting

Is there anyway to fix this? I am trying to emulate Ubuntu 16.04 to run FVCOM

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