Can you make complete apps using Flutter & Dart or just the UI part of an app?

I'm confused about what Flutter framework actually does, I know that it uses Dart and have heard that both of them can be used to create cross-platform apps.

But Wikipedia defines Flutter as a "UI Framework", so my question is, can you make a complete app (for mobile) which also has backend part (communicates with a database) built entirely using Flutter & Dart and not only the UI part?

If you didn't get my question, here is an example:

Suppose a front-end web developer works on client side programming in his job, and the backend logic is written by another backend developer.

When it comes to mobile app development, suppose as a Flutter developer, your job is to create apps, but does that mean that as a Flutter developer, you'll only write the front-end logic and leave the backend part for another backend developer like in web world? Can Flutter developers also write the backend of an app using only Flutter & Dart? If not, then who writes the backend of a mobile app and what tools/languages/frameworks does he uses?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-07 06:32 AMAN SAURAV

    Yes, we can obviously build complete apps using Flutter, from UI part to backend as well. Using Firebase as a backend service, we can use it for authentication, database, hosting and all.

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