Upload file from html when block public access is true

I am using django-s3direct to file upload


Using IAM role setting because I upload the file from the server on ECS container.

Now I set the blockPublicAccess of S3 false.

When uploading images from html, there comes error.

https://s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/static-resource-v/images/c64d6e593de44aa5b10dcf1766582547/_origin.jpg?uploads (403 (Forbidden)

initiate error: static-resource-v/line-assets/images/c64d6e593de44aa5b10dcf1766582547/_origin.jpg AWS Code: AccessDenied, Message:Access Deniedstatus:403

OK, it is understandable.

Browser try to access the for initiation.

However there is any way to upload file from browser when blockPublicAccess is true??

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