react-router-dom v6 params only numbers

I want add number regex in may param in react-router-dom v6. it work fin in v5 like it:

 <Route path="list/:id(\d+)" element={<MyComponent/>} /> 

but it not work in v6.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-07 06:23 Drew Reese

    Regular expressions are not supported in react-router-dom@6.

    See What Happened to Regexp Routes Paths?

    Regexp route paths were removed for two reasons:

    1. Regular expression paths in routes raised a lot of questions for v6's ranked route matching. How do you rank a regex?

    2. We were able to shed an entire dependency (path-to-regexp) and cut the package weight sent to your user's browser significantly. If it were added back, it would represent 1/3 of React Router's page weight!

    You can use the useParams hook and test the id param in the component.


    import { useParams, useNavigate } from 'react-router-dom';
    const MyComponent = () => {
      const { id } = useParams();
      const navigate = useNavigate();
      useEffect(() => {
        if (!/\d+/.test(id)) {
      }, [id, navigate]);

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